Wednesday Links: Read about cool things

Syracuse University has opened up a Veteran Writing competition:

“In keeping with Syracuse University’s longstanding commitment to serving the interests of veterans and their families and recognizing the role a university press can play in giving voice to emerging writers, Syracuse University Press, in cooperation with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF), has established a Veterans Writing Award.”

Interested vets should check this opportunity out here.

Brandon Young writes for Havok Journal about isolation and relationships after years in Army Special Operations (Ranger), and shares some sage advice we can all use:

“Understanding is not the foundation for relationship; vulnerability, trust and love are. I no more understand what my wife felt going through childbirth than she understands what taking a knee on a blacked out bird flaring on target feels like, but we still love each other. We still labor to compromise for each other every day. And no, it’s not all kittens and rainbows, but it is well worth it.”

Read on here.

An OAF Nation contributor shares a perspective on combat and growth. This is over a month old, but it’s worth your time if you’re a civilian who wonders about our motivations and inner thoughts, or you’re a veteran looking for someone who’s better at explaining your own time in combat than you are:

“I feel the breeze of sunshine on my face, I shut my eyes and I’m seven years old again. Riding down the long unpaved driveway, inside my fire engine red radio flyer. I hear my grandfather yell out, “faster boy, lean down, let the fear like the air, pass over and through you.” My eyes open and here I stand, like the hair on my arms. My TL tells the bros, 2 hours until the OPORD. We load up.”

Read on here.

Jon O’Brien’s Combat Art Collective launched an official webpage. We love their mission and we’re excited to work on some collaboration concepts in the near future:

“The Combat Art Collective works to make art a viable career option for veterans by building a community of military and veteran artists of all mediums, promoting their work, and providing opportunities for collaboration. Our scope isn’t limited, and no idea is too big. If you have one, let us know.”

Check them out here

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