Mission & Values


This site is a response to one major idea: there’s a dangerous and growing gap between military and civilian culture that does a disservice to our country and our communities, and it needs to be corrected. I’ve had a foot in both worlds over the past decade, and it’s been a challenge to stay upright as the chasm between the two opens further. I think communication is the only way to lay an anchor on either side and begin to build a bridge, and that communication is easiest for me through writing. As this page grows, it’s my hope that other veterans will share their essays, poems, paintings, drawings, and scribbles in all their varied forms and methods, so we can get closer to understanding each other. While this site may expand and evolve, Talk-On’s North Star will always be using veteran generated content to bridge the civil-military divide. 


Core Values

While written and visual content on this page may be generated by creators from different viewpoints, experiences, and talents, it (and any responses to it) will only be accepted if its inclusion supports Talk-On’s core values:

  • Empathy – Does the content seek to connect and develop a common understanding? 
  • Integrity – Is the content honest and genuine? 
  • Openness – Does the content drive and invite new ideas and perspectives?

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